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I’m still not here.

But once again, through the technological wonder of early scheduling, you can find me at Killer Chicks, where I'm discussing the awfulness otherwise known as Writer's Brain. If you have a cure for this, I would surely be grateful. Please stop by and commiserate with...

I’m not here.

I'm lying by the pool in Cabo sipping margaritas and reading my Kindle. BUT! Thanks to the magic of pre-scheduled posts, I am at Killer Chicks today, discussing the Six-Week Marinate. So stop by and tell me if you think the King and I are full of crap.

What’s your writing dream?

Mine's really, really big. Is yours? Don't tell me here, tell me at Killer Chicks, where I'm writing about champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Click HERE and see you there!

Hey Ya!

Today is my day to blog at Killer Chicks. What do Outkast's song Hey Ya! and the soap opera The Young & the Restless have in common? Click HERE to find out!