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JAR OF HEARTS has a new cover

JAR OF HEARTS has a new cover

(Note: This is a repost of a newsletter originally sent out May 10, 2019) Happy Friday, guys! I love the trade paperback format, don't you? Admittedly, I read most of my books on my Kindle Paperwhite these days, because it's just easier to carry around. Otherwise, my...

New York City & ThrillerFest 2017

It felt different this time. Maybe because I haven't been to New York City since having my son (midtown Manhattan isn't the easiest place to bring a small child), or maybe it's because it hit me this past weekend how far I've come, and how much further I still have to...

Seattle is my second home

But Toronto is my first love. And I'm thrilled to say that I'll be back there again come the end of May, this time with my little American family. Permanently.This will be my fifth move in five years - and my fourth move from country to country in the last ten years -...