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Reading 101

CREEP is a Chatelaine “Summer’s Best Reads” pick!

Click to enlarge If you're Canadian, and female, you might have found yourself leafing through an issue of Chatelaine magazine at some point in your life. I know I have... which is why it's so crazy-amazing that CREEP was selected as one of Chatelaine's "Summer's Best...

The art of selecting a book

It's my day to post at Killer Chicks, and I'm talking about my book-buying thought process. Read my post HERE and let me know what goes through your mind when choosing a book!

Monday musings

I spent the last few days in Portland, Oregon, and you know there's no way I can be in Portland and not stop at Powell's.  The Kindle simply can't compete with an indie book store the size of a city block, and who doesn't love the smell of books? Here's what I...

The Kite Runner: A Review

Today across the blogosphere, in support of Banned Books Week, hundreds and hundreds of bloggers are reviewing a banned or challenged book they've read.  Well, I've made no secret of the fact that I suck at reviews (in fact, I hate them – they remind me of doing...