Jennifer Hillier


Reader emails (99% awesome, 1% waaah, leave me alone)

So my new book, THE BUTCHER, came out last Tuesday (yay!) and among the many awesome things that happen when a book is released are the lovely emails I get from people I've never met. It's out now! This would make a lovely gift for someone, yes? *hint hint* Obviously...


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New York epic-ness and another ThrillerFest

I pretty much ate my way through NYC this past weekend, but do I regret it? Hell no. ThrillerFest is always a great reason to go to New York, which is my second favorite US city, and the food always enriches the experience for me. I also got to hang with my friends,...

FREAK – Gangnam style!

Just kidding! Made you look! It's FREAK, UK style. I'm excited to reveal my UK cover for FREAK, which launches December 1st in the UK as part of my publisher Little Brown's Crime Vault family! You can download a sampler of some of the Crime Vault books here. Have I...