Jennifer Hillier


Hi there, I’m Jennifer Hillier. I imagine the worst about people, and then write about it.

I’m the USA Today bestselling author of seven psychological thrillers, including the national bestseller Little Secrets, which was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and the Anthony Award, and Jar of Hearts, which won the ITW Thriller Award and was shortlisted for the Anthony and Macavity Awards. My latest thriller is Things We Do in the Dark. My earlier novels—which I hope you’ll also check out—are Creep, Freak, The Butcher, and Wonderland. My novels have been published in twenty-three languages so far.

I’m Filipino-Canadian, born and raised in Toronto, but I spent eight amazing years in Seattle, which is where I first became a published writer. I’m a Seahawks fan but I married a Packers guy. We have a young son who looks most like me when he’s crying. I’m afraid of the dark and can’t sleep unless I’ve checked the locks on the doors several times. I love writing when it’s raining, sleeping when it’s sunny, and reading after everyone else has gone to bed. I cherish my family (those who read, and those who don’t), and my friends (those who write, and those who don’t). I’m a cat person without a cat, which makes me sad. But I’m now back in the Toronto area permanently with my family, which makes me happy.

I also have a newsletter, which I mostly forget to write and send out, but when I do, I think it’s pretty good. You can sign up here. I promise I don’t spam, and sometimes I give stuff away.

You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but hopefully not every day. My newest novel, Things We Do in the Dark, will be coming July 19, 2022. I’m excited for you to read it, and I hope you’ll consider pre-ordering it now. It’s so great for the author when you do!