Jennifer Hillier


Chris High interviews me. And, a big fat giveaway.

Maybe it's narcissistic of me to admit this, but as an author I enjoy being interviewed. I'm always surprised at the questions I get asked, and am even more surprised by the answers I give, especially when I'm forced to really think about why I made some of the...

All Asian, all the time

The one question I've been getting a lot since CREEP was released last summer is, "Is your main character, Sheila Tao, really you?" To which I always answer, "HELLS NO." Allow me to bullet point the ways she and I are alike: She's of Asian descent, and so am I. (But...

Talking to myself

Come on, we all talk to ourselves, usually when nobody's looking. Right? RIGHT? No? Seriously? I'm at my friend Karen Peterson's blog today, interviewing myself about CREEP, agents, editors, and Snooki! Be sure to stop by!

“She’ll CREEP you out!”

I forgot to announce a winner from Friday's giveaway! The winner of a signed hardcover of CREEP is... Nancy Thompson Awesome! Nancy, please email me at jennifer (at) jenniferhillier (dot) ca with your mailing address so I can get your book out to you. Now for bits of...