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The art of selecting a book

It's my day to post at Killer Chicks, and I'm talking about my book-buying thought process. Read my post HERE and let me know what goes through your mind when choosing a book!

Author interview with Alice Loweecey

It's Wednesday, so you know what that means.  It's my day to post over at Killer Chicks!  Today I'm doing an author interview (which is always a lot of fun).  Alice Loweecey is a debut mystery novelist who just happens to be an ex-nun. Why is this...

The book that will not end

Dammit. I'm sitting at over 90k and the book is SO CLOSE.  But as I was plugging away last Sunday (and I never write on Sundays – that's how excited I was to be on the home stretch), my villain went and did something totally fabulous unexpected and the book took...