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Booklist reviews THE BUTCHER!

May 2, 2014 | Uncategorized

My first trade review for the new book… and they liked it! Woo hoo!

I believe you have to have an account with Booklist to read the review online, but here it is:

The Butcher
Hillier, Jennifer (Author)
Jul 2014. 352 p. Gallery, hardcover, $25. (9781476734217). Gallery, e-book, (9781476734224).

Hillier’s prose is unadorned, but, as she ably proved in her debut (Creep, 2011), she has a fine knack for creating hideous killers. This time she turns the formula whodunit on its head. The prologue sets the scene: in 1985, the Beacon Hill Butcher, whose signature was to remove the left hand of his young female victims, was shot to death by police under the command of Captain Edward Shank. The incident made Shank a hero and propelled him into a lengthy term as chief of police. Skip ahead 30 years. Shank, now a dapper, alert 80, still lauded for his role in the Butcher case, is about to move to a retirement home. He’s anxious, yet almost gleeful, about starting a new chapter in his life—which he begins by killing his wife. For years “Chief” has fooled everyone, including his grandson, Matt, and Matt’s girlfriend, Sam, who is convinced there’s more to know about the Butcher. As it turns out, the coldly rational, sadistic Shank has plans for his new life that are apt to prove Sam right. A tense, suspenseful, thoroughly creepy thriller.

— Stephanie Zvirin

That thumping sound you hear is me doing cartwheels… *whee*

Also, Jim Munchel from NoStranger2Fiction said that THE BUTCHER “kicked his ass around the block and back.” Thank you, Jim! Read the entire review here.

THE BUTCHER will be out July 15th!

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