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The eh List author series, and a couple of book recommendations

Apr 21, 2014 | Uncategorized

Book events. What I can say about book events?

They never get easier.

I get really nervous.

I’m not a natural when it comes to reading my stuff to an audience so I have to practice, practice, practice.

I have to remind myself that all those pairs of eyes staring at me while I talk are FRIENDLY.

It’s important not to fall over.

They’re really fun.

The Dark Side Tour event in Toronto was a success! We had a great turnout and the questions from the audience were engaging. Andrew Pyper couldn’t make it, but Brad Smith and Craig Davidson (aka Nick Cutter) and I had a fun time talking about our books and our writing processes and asking each other writerly questions.

And, of course, I’ll take any excuse to come home to Toronto…

Craig Davidson (Nick Cutter), me, and Brad Smith

But, guys. I have to tell you. If you’re looking for a classic, old-fashioned, early Stephen King-type horror story, you MUST read Nick Cutter’s THE TROOP. For real. It’s terrific.

Also, have you heard of Andrew Pyper’s THE DEMONOLOGIST? It’s a literary horror that’s so beautiful, and scary, and sad, and layered, and complex.

I read both these books just before the event (haven’t had a chance to read Brad Smith’s book yet), and can highly recommend them.

Happy Spring!

* * *