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December has a sense of humor

Dec 12, 2011 | Uncategorized

Mind you, I think life in general has a sense of humor.

First, I was rocked with The Most Horrible Cold last week, which kept me out of commission and unable to do much for about five days, other than tell anyone who’d listen how miserable I felt. Which is probably why, by Friday, I was wondering where everybody went.

Then I woke up Saturday feeling like someone had shoved a nail into my finger and was happily pounding away at it. For a few weeks, I’d been plagued with a tiny little paper cut that wouldn’t heal and was clearly getting worse. How could something so small be so painful? I finally dragged myself to the Urgent Care Clinic and the kindly doctor, after marveling over the fact that it was a PAPER CUT, told me cheerfully that my finger was quite infected, and so I have to wear a splint and take antibiotics for ten days.

There’s a steel splint on the other side, to keep my knuckle slightly bent as it heals.

And now with the splint I can’t type properly. It’s taken me forty frustrating minutes to type out this much.

But okay. The positives? (Because there are always positives.) My cold is much better. My finger no longer feels like someone is trying to hammer it until it falls off. And since I can’t type very well, I’ve spent the last couple of days away from the computer, which has been really nice. I’ve been reading a lot, and I forgot how nice it is to just read. I plan to read all week, because I really haven’t read much this year (only 29 books as of today), and I’m pretty bummed about that.

My cold and my infected finger earned me a little downtime. Which, thinking about it now, I really needed. So in the end, a good thing?

How have you guys been?

* * *