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Breaking announcement: Book Two finally has a title!

Oct 12, 2011 | Uncategorized

Poor Book Two. Imagine being written and revised, and revised some more, and a year passes, and you’ve never once had the right title. If you were Book Two, a year old, and you had no title, you’d feel like a FREAK.

And the writer feels like a FREAK, too. Because people have been asking for months now what the name of Book Two is (because it’s certainly not Book Two – how lame would that be?) and I’ve never been able to tell them. Because I didn’t know.

And let’s not forget that visualization is a big part of the writing process. Imagining the end result – the book published, with cover art, and yes, a title – is what helps me to not FREAK out while writing.

But now it’s all been rectified. I am happy to say that Book Two finally has a title! I love it, my agent loves it, my editor loves it, and Book Two loves it.

Can’t wait to officially meet you in 2012, FREAK! I hope you and CREEP will be very happy together.


  • a person or animal on exhibition as an example of a strange deviation from nature; monster.

Be sure to comment below! In celebration of Book Two finally having a title, one random commenter will win a signed hardcover of CREEP. 

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