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My first editorial review, from Booklist! And Jennie liked CREEP, too!

May 2, 2011 | Uncategorized

You know how I once blogged about spurts of excitement and long periods of nothing?

The last couple of weeks have been a spuuuuuurt.

Okay, totally gross (wow, I’m getting some wicked imagery here), but you know what I mean.

As if Thursday’s news wasn’t awesome enough, I got my first editorial review for CREEP. And it’s Not Horrible! In fact… it’s sort of the Opposite of Horrible.

From Booklist:

In this first novel, a sort of really twisted riff on Fatal Attraction, psychology professor Sheila Tao, finally engaged to her boyfriend, thinks it might be a good idea to terminate her affair with a graduate student. But the student, Ethan Wolfe, is a shady character with other ideas that include kidnapping Sheila and playing mind games with her fiancé. This is an engaging thriller, with the kind of twisted story that makes you a bit queasy even as you can’t look away (Sheila appears to be a sex addict, and Ethan a serial killer). Hillier nicely keeps readers on their toes, and there is a whopping great plot twist in the final scenes, one that forces us to revise much of what we believed during the course of the story. Psychological thrillers are tough to execute, because their authors must create stories that infiltrate readers’ minds, pulling them into the plots as more participants than observers. Hillier pulls off that sleight of narrative hand with remarkable skill.

I just… WOW.

I don’t know what else to say.



My awesome friend Jennie Bailey, who was one of the winners of the My CREEP is bigger than your CREEP! contest, has posted her review of the book. I’m over the moon! Thank you, Jennie! Click HERE to read it. (You should be reading her blog, anyway!)

I’m so happy.