Jennifer Hillier

Avoiding Head Explosion

May 31, 2011 | Uncategorized

My computer is glitching in ways too frustrating to list here, and of course my warranty expired thirteen days ago. THIRTEEN! DAYS! AGO! But of course!

And Blogger has been giving me a hard time all week, too. Sidebar gadgets keep disappearing, and then reappearing in different spots. Comments work sometimes. I’ve been getting error messages when I try to publish posts.

With all this, and the fact that I’ll be leaving at the end of this week to go back to Toronto for ten days for my best friend’s wedding (I’m a bridesmaid), and all the million little things I need to do between now and then (I have to get my hair cut! I have to get my dress altered! I have to write a wedding speech! OMG!) it seems like a good time to take a blog break.

Either that, or I suffer from Head Explosion. And it’s never any fun when one’s head explodes. (It’s very messy – brains go everywhere, eyeballs go missing, teeth become shrapnel…)

I’ll see you back here on June 13th, where I’ll be posting an interview with my friend JB Lynn about her new book THE FIRST VICTIM! She’ll be giving away a free copy of her book, so be sure to stop by!

Have a fabulous first half of June!