Jennifer Hillier

New writing space!

Jul 12, 2010 | Uncategorized

After painting, budget shopping, and building new bookcases (we shall not talk about the bookcases that did not work out), my new writing space/library/Jenny’s Room is finally move-in ready!

Many, many, many thanks to Steve for all his hard work.  Nothing is sexier than a guy with a drill, am I right, ladies?

Never mind that I’m sitting here right now, I still love looking at the pictures!
This room is on the second floor of my house.  
(A cat with glowing eyes is watching you.  Say hello to Sasha.)

Picture me sitting in that chair RIGHT NOW (because there’s a pretty good chance that I am).
I honestly thought I had a lot of books.  But now that I have more shelf space, I can clearly see that I don’t.  They’ll fill up… eventually.

I love love love my new room.  I can see myself writing a lot of books here.  Do you have a writing space you love?