Jennifer Hillier

Ten not-so-random numbers

Jul 27, 2010 | Uncategorized

Not a top 10 list in the true sense, but an interesting assortment of numbers nonetheless…

7– the number of drafts I wrote before querying agents

96 – the number of queries I sent

10 – the number of requests I received

48 – the number of rejections I received

46 – the number of rejections I received that were form

1 – the number of agent offers I received before I signed

3 – the number of manuscripts I pulled from other agents once I signed (I didn’t give them a chance to offer)

2 – the number of revisions my agent put me through before submitting to editors

98 – the number of weeks from the day I wrote the first word to the day my book sold

2011 – the year my book will come out

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