Jennifer Hillier

Introducing this week’s earworm

Apr 7, 2010 | Uncategorized

I learned a cool way to share earworms with you!  Here’s what’s been running through my head ALL DAY for the past FIVE DAYS:

I sometimes listen to music when I’m writing.  Not always, but sometimes.  Because sometimes I feel like I physically need music for the energy rush, and so the right song is like a good, strong cup of coffee.

Other times, music is like noise interference and it stops me from hearing what’s in my head, so I don’t listen to anything while I’m writing.

But I almost always listen to something before I start a writing session.  And for sure afterward.  And sometimes in between if I’m taking a break.  The right song can keep me in the right frame of mind for storytelling.  I think I must have listened to Radiohead for about six months straight while writing CREEP (so if you ever wondered where I came up with the name for the book, now you know).  Radiohead is so wonderfully moody, so anti-establishment, so unapologetic, that they made the perfect soundtrack to write a novel I always envisioned would turn out moody and unapologetic (though maybe not so much anti-establishment… I do want to get published!).

Definitely nothing like the cheerful earworm above that’s been burrowing in my brain for the past few days.

So… do you listen to music at work?