Jennifer Hillier


The book that will not end

Dammit. I'm sitting at over 90k and the book is SO CLOSE.  But as I was plugging away last Sunday (and I never write on Sundays – that's how excited I was to be on the home stretch), my villain went and did something totally fabulous unexpected and the book took...

Battle of the serial killers

It's WEDNESDAY! I'm at Killer Chicks today, trying to decide who would win in a fight between Hannibal Lecter and Dexter Morgan.  You MUST come over and cast your vote!

The movie in my mind

Announcement:  I'm being interviewed today by Jen at unedited! Stop by and say hello! Now, on to today's post. When I was writing the first draft of CREEP, I listened to a lot of classic rock and alternative.  I had a bunch of songs on rotation, mostly tunes...

The ten scariest movies I’ve seen

One day late... it's Top 10 Tuesday!  Of all the horror movies I've watched (and I've seen my fair share), here are the ten films that scared me the most: 10. Silence of the LambsNot one, but two very big villains graced this film.  Hannibal Lecter, of...