Jennifer Hillier


Seattle is my second home

But Toronto is my first love. And I'm thrilled to say that I'll be back there again come the end of May, this time with my little American family. Permanently.This will be my fifth move in five years - and my fourth move from country to country in the last ten years -...

The Dark Side Tour in Toronto

Come and see me at the Toronto Reference Library on Thursday, April 17 at 7 pm! I'll be with fellow authors Craig Davidson, Andrew Pyper, and Brad Smith. We'll be talking about dark people who do dark stuff... which is kind of my favorite thing to do.

Going home, and leaving home, all at the same time

So. I have some personal news to share. I found out last month that my husband's company is transferring him back to Toronto at the end of this year. Permanently. Which means we're moving. In six weeks. SIX. WEEKS. Look at this map. It's about 2,600 miles, or 4,200...