Jennifer Hillier

Query Hell

Why I love Fridays

In my inbox this morning: 1 full request for Creep (meaning the agent wants to see the entire manuscript). 1 short story acceptance from the 6S Review. All in all, a freakingly awesome good day.

The method to my madness

There's a method to reading emails from agents, editors and publishers, and I've come to master it quite well. Here's what I do when the special email address I set up specifically for submissions has(1) New Email: My heart immediately does a thing.  Sort of like...

I’m back!

After ten days of Mexican sun, I am sad and happy to be home.  Vacations are good for the soul.  Unfortunately, the rejection mill doesn't stop because one is taking a break from one's life. I got a form rejection via email while I was lying by the pool...


Confession:  The problem with querying is that I never stop thinking about rejection. I think I may be masochistic.  And maybe a little bit twisted.  Because here's another confession: The rejections make me feel kind of good. Not really, really good...