Jennifer Hillier

flash fiction

Why I love Fridays

In my inbox this morning: 1 full request for Creep (meaning the agent wants to see the entire manuscript). 1 short story acceptance from the 6S Review. All in all, a freakingly awesome good day.

Brief and impactful

It's rare to get any kind of positive feedback in the writing world.  Everything we write is designed to incite criticism, and even if someone likes what you've written, you don't always hear praise.  Nature of the beast, I guess.  It's the criticism...

First acceptance!

Finally, I will have a publication credit.  It's a small dent, but it's a dent nonetheless! I am sooooo excited. It's a very, VERY short story (technically the term is flash fiction) but I'd been working on it, on and off, for the past year.  You wouldn't...