Jennifer Hillier

I made a video! And I started a newsletter! And I’m giving away books!

Apr 24, 2018 | Jar of Hearts, Personal, Shameless Self-Promotion

The video is an introduction to my newest book, JAR OF HEARTS, where I talk about the real-life serial killers who inspired the story (Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka), and whether or not the title of the book is based on the song by Christina Perri (spoiler: it is!).

Also, I started a newsletter! And if you sign up, you can win FREE STUFF. Like an advance reader copy of JAR OF HEARTS, for example – I have five to give away and I’m randomly picking a winner from my subscribers’ list in each newsletter. If you sign up (I just need your name and email address), you’re automatically entered to win, and my amazing publisher will mail one to you. The print ARC is so pretty! You know you want one. Click here to be taken directly to the sign-up form.

My first newsletter went out this morning, and here’s the link to it so you can get a feel for what I’ll be talking about: Jennifer Hillier’s Newsletter. Some books news, some oversharing about my life and the writing journey… you know, the usual. And after a few days, I’ll repost the newsletter here in my blog. But! You should still sign up, because that’s how you get the news first, and that’s how you can win free stuff. And free stuff IS THE STUFF, am I right?

Mainly, though, I just want to talk to you. In a direct and more personal way, that I won’t do over Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. There will be lots of things I’ll tell you about in the newsletter that I won’t post about on social media, because I think social media can sometimes get noisy, and then we start shouting to be heard, and I don’t think shouting is healthy. Or productive. Or fun. And fun is the stuff, am I right?

Talk soon, guys.