Jennifer Hillier

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Jar of Hearts

Jar of Hearts

I am very, very, very excited to show you this cover for the new book, JAR OF HEARTS, which is coming June 12, 2018 from Minotaur Books. Very excited. Super excited. Did I mention I was excited? In case I didn't, I AM EXCITED. It's always a scary moment when you get...

Book news!

Finally, finally, finally, I get to tell you my book news! Perfect timing, too - I just finished edits, but I haven't yet moved countries, so I'm still in this little window of time where I can just be excited and joyful and... thrilled.Incredibly happy to be part of...

The Thrill Begins

I'm a regular columnist at International Thriller Writer's The Thrill Begins, so if you're a debut thriller author, or you want to be a debut thriller author, or you're a veteran author of any genre and enjoy reading about other authors' experiences in the world of...