Jennifer Hillier

Have you snagged your copy of WONDERLAND yet?

Nov 24, 2015 | Shameless Self-Promotion, Wonderland

fast-paced, razor-sharp thriller that is impossible to put down. Jennifer
Hillier is a stunningly-talented author and Wonderland is her best yet.”

~ Mark Edwards, bestselling author of The Magpies and Follow You Home

Wonderland is a tightly woven mystery by Hillier, reigning mistress of the freaky and creepy . . . this one leaves a mark with outstanding suspense and a shocking ending.”

“This is not only Jennifer Hillier’s best novels yet, it’s one of the stronger novels I’ve read in 2015 . . . Wonderland is a labyrinth that’ll both awe you by its complexity and gradually freak you out of your mind.” 

“Hillier has the tremendous talent of creating the most horrific and terrifying individuals . . . I sat back in awe when it was all revealed.”
~ Jenn’s Bookshelves

“This story is scary, and the fears are real. Grab it and settle in for a good read.”
~ Random Book Muses

“Good luck figuring out whodunnit . . . bombshell after bombshell.”
~ By Hook or By Book

“A wicked ride. From the downright strange, to ultimate creepy–this book has everything.”
~ Little Miss Trainwreck

“A killer ending. Wonderland by Jennifer Hillier kept me turning the pages and is a suspenseful read.”
~ Author Cherie Reich 

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