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ThrillerFest & THE BUTCHER

Jul 15, 2014 | Uncategorized

The most wonderful time of the year is when my new book releases at the same time as my most favorite conference!

It’s July, so of course I headed to NYC for ThrillerFest, which is THE place to be if you’re a writer (or fan) of the genre. Can you believe this was my fifth trip? FIFTH!

As usual, it was a whirlwind trip, filled with lunches and dinners and panels and interviews and work stuff and fun stuff, oh my.

The fun stuff:

Dinner with my good friend Hilary Davidson and her husband, Dan at Rosa Mexicano, my new favorite Mexican place.

An evening at the Comedy Cellar in the West Village with my good friend David Batista, where Aziz Ansari just happened to stop in and do a set! Followed by a killer dinner at my new favorite Cuban place, Cuba.

Waiting for the subway at Grand Central. Darren and I were trying to pretend as if we were real New Yorkers, but if David hadn’t been with us, we have gotten so lost.

Dinner with my good friends Alex and Dean in Chelsea at GustOrganics, my new favorite organic restaurant.

This was actually at Bareburger, where we had fattening milkshakes for dessert AFTER our extremely healthy dinner. Gotta keep it balanced, ya know. Alex and I always do a selfie when we get together – why break tradition?

Uh… can you tell I love food? Every food is my favorite food while I’m eating it!

The work stuff (which also happens to be fun stuff):

An on-camera interview with Jessica Mazo from Martini Productions.

This was very cool! I’ll a post a link when the interview is up on their site.

My panel, called “Going Out or Going Online?”, where Chelsea Cain, Christopher Rice, Heather Graham, LA Starks, and Lisa Gardner and I discussed book tours vs. social media promotion, with our panel master Jenny Milchman. Our panel was packed! Standing room only.

A savvy panel attendee pointed out the shattered glass in the picture behind where Chelsea and I were sitting. Bullet hole? Sling shot? It was, like, SO TOTALLY APPROPRIATE.

Finally got to say hello in person to ThrillerFest Award nominee Owen Laukkanen! We only have about a bajillion mutual friends, so it was about time.

You can’t tell how tall Owen actually is from this picture. He scrunched down for me.

Lunch with my agent from Levine Greenberg Rostan, Victoria Skurnick, and my publicist from Gallery Books, Stephanie DeLuca, at SipSak, a yummy Turkish restaurant.

A podcast interview with Cary Barbor from Books and Authors, in a very cool studio.

Fun times at the studio! I’ll post a link to this one too when it’s up.

I finally got to meet Shannon Raab, the Creative Director of Suspense Magazine. I wanted to hug her but refrained – after all, we just met! But Suspense Magazine has been so, so good to me, and to my books.

And of course, ThrillerFest is always the first place you can buy my new book! Here’s THE BUTCHER on the front table at the conference… always so exciting to see it on sale for the first time.

This never gets old.

By the way, the book is out today! Yay! Click HERE for buy links… or go look for it at your local bookstore!

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