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It doesn’t feel like a Monday…

May 19, 2014 | Uncategorized

… because there’s just too much good news! Two AMAZING reviews for THE BUTCHER just came in, and I had to share.

From Suspense Magazine‘s upcoming July issue:

“Once I got started I couldn’t stop reading, and I confess to having sweaty palms a few times. A thrill ride that will have your attention from start to finish! This one is 4.5 stars.”

The full review will be available in the July 2014 issue! Subscribe HERE.

From Dead End Follies:

“THE BUTCHER is a clever, twisted thriller about genetics, faith, and death . . . The greatest thing about THE BUTCHER is its uncanny ability to trump the narrative conventions of the conventional serial killer novel over and over again . .  Jennifer Hillier’s prose remains fast paced and immensely readable as her content becomes quirkier and more cerebral with every novel.”

Read the entire review HERE (and I hope you do, it’s so insightful!). As a side note, I want to praise Dead End Follies in general for being such a unique place to read reviews. Ben goes deep. Really deep. It’s such a treat for both authors and readers, so be sure to stop by.

I also have a new website! Well, same name, different look. I hope you like it. Click to visit.

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