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October is full of good news

Oct 17, 2012 | Uncategorized

I’m a little bit late, but Happy October, everyone! October has always been my favorite month, thanks to pumpkin spice lattes, the trees changing colors, and Halloween, among other things.

And! I have all kinds of good news to share (so please excuse all the exclamation marks):

#1 – I’m excited to announce that my third book, MAGNOLIA, has been sold to Simon & Schuster/Gallery Books!

It’s a standalone, so you won’t see any of the folks from CREEP and FREAK in this one (at least I don’t think you will, but I guess I shouldn’t say that since I haven’t actually written it yet). But I will say that I’m stoked to write something new with all-new characters who have totally new flaws. Release date is tentatively scheduled for June 2014, but I’ll keep you posted. And since I haven’t written it yet, I don’t want to say anything about what it’s about, because things always change as I’m writing.

#2 – The cover for the mass market paperback version of FREAK was sent to me while I was at Bouchercon

This cover may not be final yet, but here’s a sneak peek of what they’ve come up with so far (it may change, and if it does, I’ll post those versions, too).
What do you think? I love the red! It’s so bloody eye-catching. The release date for the mass market version is summer 2013.

#3 – I was on the Lifestyle Network in the Philippines! I remember doing a few TV interviews while I was there (at least three, I think) and I was told this particular clip aired about a week ago. While I have to admit I’m a little freaked out about seeing myself on TV (okay, a lot freaked out), I’m still glowing from the amazing coverage my books received while I was in Manila last month. I really couldn’t have asked for a better book tour.

#4 – If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, FREAK will be featured tomorrow, October 17th, on Good Morning Texas, at 9 a.m. Central time, on WFAA Channel 8. I’m told it’s the fifth largest US television market! If you can’t catch the show, there will be a link to the segment on the show’s website after it airs (and I’ll add it to this post once it does). Woo hoo!

#5 – My good friend JB Lynn’s newest book, FURTHER CONFESSIONS OF A SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC HITWOMAN, is out today! I loved JB’s first book and can’t wait to read this one. Congratulations, Jen!

Whew! Are you having a good October? Any good news to share?

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