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Manila Book Signing

Aug 30, 2012 | Uncategorized

The lovely folks at National Book Store in the Philippines asked me a make a short, personal video inviting everyone to my Manila book signing at Powerbooks Greenbelt this coming Sunday, September 2nd. So I put on my brave face and gave it my best shot!

(Disclaimer: I had a very simple script to memorize and yet somehow it still took me 20 tries to say it without messing up! I can see why people train for years to be on camera! So NOT my strength.)

Poster courtesy of National Book Store

I’m pretty much packed and ready to go – I just have a few last minute things to do tomorrow before I catch my late-night flight.

Right now I’m downloading the first season of Downton Abbey to my iPad since the first leg of my flight is 15 hours (to Hong Kong), and then it’s another 2 hours to Manila, with 3 hours in between. And a friend recommended Sherlock, so I’ll give that a whirl, too.

I’ve also got three books on my Kindle to read (KILL YOU TWICE by Chelsea Cain, GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn, and I SUCK AT GIRLS by Justin Halpern). And I did download a few magazines to my iPad (but I won’t embarrass myself by revealing which girly/gossipy mags they are).

I’ll be back the week of September 24th with All The News of All The Things!

Have you been to any far away places?

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