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FREAK giveaway!

Jun 11, 2012 | Uncategorized


It’s not August 7th yet, but I
do have advance review copies of FREAK to give away, along with a couple of hardcovers of CREEP, and a $50 Amazon gift card. Want to win something? (Don’t say no, because that would hurt my feelings!)

All you have to do for your chance to win is: 


It can be a true story or a flash fiction story. It can be an experience you had with a FREAKy person, or it can be about something that FREAKs you out. Or you can TOTALLY MAKE SOMETHING UP. Doesn’t matter to me.

There are only two rules:

  1. You must use the some variation of the word FREAK in your story (i.e. freaky, freaking, freaked, etc.)
  2. The story can be as brief as you like – one sentence, even! – but you must not write anything longer than 150 words.

The contest is open internationally, and it’s okay if you’ve already won a copy of one of my books previously (you can always give your prize to a friend). Submit your entry in the comments below. One story equals one entry, and you can enter as many times as you like – just make sure each entry is its own comment. The three most FREAKy stories will win…


1st Prize: 
Signed ARC of FREAK, signed hardcover of CREEP, and a $50 Amazon gift card

2nd Prize: 
Signed ARC of FREAK and signed hardcover of CREEP

3rd Prize: 
Signed ARC of FREAK

Contest starts NOW and runs until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, June 17th. Winners will be announced on Monday, June 18th.

And hey, if only three of you participate, then all three of you will win, so take a shot! And for my non-writer pals, don’t be intimidated. I’m not looking for perfect writing. Entertainment is what matters most.

Make me cringe, people. MAKE ME CRINGE.

Can’t wait to read your FREAKy stories!

* * *