Jennifer Hillier

You know you’re sensitive about your age when…

Sep 12, 2011 | Uncategorized

… you receive a lovely review for CREEP from the Times Publishing Group, and yet… well, first, let me give you an excerpt:

This novel marks the debut of Jennifer Hillier. The former Canadian, who now lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, has launched what promises to be a very illustrious career. You’ll not only enjoy this taut thriller but also watching this young woman develop as a first class writer.

Wonderful comments, right? And yet, what was MY take-away?

“Yay! He said I was YOUNG!”

I don’t remember when birthdays started to suck. My best friend Dawn, when I turned 22 (some moons ago) said to comfort me, “Don’t worry, sweetie. You’re still eight years away from thirty.”

Yeah? Whatcha got now, Dawn?

Anyone hate getting older? Please tell me it’s not just me.

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