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Happy happy happy!

Jul 4, 2011 | Uncategorized

Happy belated Canada Day to my Canadian peeps, and Happy Independence Day to my American peeps! Almost everybody I know here in North America had a long weekend for one reason or another, so Happy Long Weekend!

In fact, how about just Happy Happy Happy?

Because my book is out tomorrow!

In the meantime, I’ve been interviewed for International Thriller Writers, and you can read the lovely article HERE.

And, I’m featured in this month’s edition of Suspense Magazine! You have to be a subscriber to read the article, but you can click HERE to see the cover with my name in cool graphics. 🙂  And they liked the book, too. Here’s a portion of the review:

As far as summer reads ago, fans are going to have a hard time finding anything as tense, page-turning and bothersome as “Creep”, a truly frightening debut from Jennifer Hillier.


I’m gearing up for New York this week. I’ll be leaving on Wednesday… ThrillerFest here I come! But I’ll definitely have time for one more post tomorrow. Please try and stop by, because I’ll be giving away a HARDCOVER. That’s right – a Signed First Edition Hardcover! Tee hee hee! (Okay, I have no idea if there’ll be other editions, but it felt really cool to say that just once!)

Happy Happy Happy!

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