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Dead End Follies, Fresh Fiction, and Goodreads! Oh my!

Jun 15, 2011 | Uncategorized

Disclaimer: I’ve been feeling totally weird about posting good reviews of CREEP on this blog. I know I have to get over it because part of the job as a new author is being able to talk about your work in a positive way. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. I’ve been blogging for two years about this journey, and I’m way more comfortable talking about the challenges, not the triumphs. I desperately want to come across as confident, but I’m worried I’ll come across as boastful… or worse, arrogant. When in reality, I’m still stunned any of this even happened. (And yes, I’m still struggling with whether or not I deserve any of it. Did I just get lucky?)

Okay. Uncomfortable moment of brutal honesty over. Moving on.

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I didn’t get a chance to post a link here to pop culture blogger Benoit Lelievre’s very thorough review of CREEP before I left for Toronto. Here’s a taste: 

When I was a teenager, I read thrillers a lot. For me, they bridged the gap in between Young Adult fiction and Stephen King novels, which were my target back then. By the time I was seventeen, I have read so many John Grisham books that I still since when I see them on the shelves, at the store. Thriller is a genre that has been beaten into the ground by a streak of mediocre writers and abuse of Hollywoodian clichés, so I was a little worried when I picked up Jennifer Hillier’s Creep. Fortunately, she was able to work her way around the majority of clichés of the genre and write a solid psychological thriller about psychology scholars. I know it sounds a little weird when said like that, but it’s a story that gets under your skin. The characters of Creep are complex, compelling and most important, they are human. Click HERE for the full review at Ben’s blog, Dead End Follies.

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And here’s another one by Tanzey Cutter from
Debut author Jennifer Hillier gives thriller fans a quick-paced, smartly written psychological suspense that will surprise readers with not only its content, but with its shocking ending. I never saw it coming, and it takes a lot to blow me away. I can’t wait for Hillier’s next thriller! Click HERE for the full review at

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Finally, I want to take a moment to thank everyone on Goodreads who has taken the time to review advanced copies of CREEP, and all the folks who’ve added it to their to-be-read lists. I can’t express enough how much your support means to me. Whether you loved it, liked it, or it wasn’t for you, you took the time to read it, and that’s all any writer can ask for. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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