Jennifer Hillier

Publishers Weekly likes CREEP!

May 10, 2011 | Uncategorized

CREEP was reviewed by Publishers Weekly yesterday:

In Hillier’s agreeably frightening debut, a psychological thriller, beautiful Sheila Tao, a highly regarded professor of social psychology at Seattle’s Puget Sound University, has been having an affair with her volatile teaching assistant, Ethan Wolfe. Sheila, who’s spent three years in Sex Addicts Anonymous, a fact known only to her trusted therapist, wishes to end the affair since she’s about to marry Morris Gardener, a successful Texas financier who’s deeply jealous. Ethan, however, has his own plans for Sheila and uses his considerable talents, which include raising the art of disguise to new levels, to carry them out. When Sheila suddenly disappears, Morris, rebuffed by the skeptical police, hires an equally skeptical PI to hunt her down. While unlikely coincidences abound (a stolen cuff link conveniently turns up) and the characters distinctly lack any redeeming spark, the book holds its secrets well and packs a concluding wallop. (July)

Cool. 🙂