Jennifer Hillier

My name is Jenny and I’m a two-spacer.

May 5, 2011 | Uncategorized

Yes, it’s true. I leave two spaces after a period. And I get that it irritates some folks. Maybe not as much as this guy, but it does bug people.

Not that it’s much of a defense, but I learned to type in a high school typing class back in 1992. On an actual typewriter. A Selectric, I think. Looked like this:

The class was taught by a fifty-something woman who drilled it into us that two spaces after every period were the proper way to go. Were there computers back then? Of course there were. We even had one at home. But we were all taught the two-space rule. Nobody ever mentioned that the rules were different on a computer.

I’m trying to become a one-spacer. I really am. I’m managing to do it with this post, though it’s not without great effort and mindfulness. And I did go back and edit the last few posts I’d written to be all one-spaced. But it’s hard, yo! Really, really hard! It might look RIGHT, but it feels WRONG.

So tell me, are you a two-spacer like me, or a one-spacer? And if you’re a two-spacer, are you planning on making the switch?