Jennifer Hillier

It creeps!

Apr 11, 2011 | Uncategorized

Are you as fascinated with everybody’s CREEPS as I am? Who knew we all had so many in our lives?

It’s no secret that I have a bit of an obsession with creeps. You can’t really write a thriller without one (or maybe you can, but I can’t think of a thriller – book or movie – that doesn’t have at least one creep… can you?). Creeps – also known as villains – are fun to write.  The only real “rule” is to make them interesting. They can be brash and unapologetic, or secretive and tortured. Or all of the above. Sometimes you know exactly who the villain is and get to watch the protagonist chase him/her, and sometimes you get surprised.

In real life, I’m almost always surprised by the who the villains are. You almost never see them coming, and you never realize who they are until it’s too late and you’ve been burned.

The “My CREEP is bigger than your CREEP” contest is still going on for a few more days, so be sure to stop by HERE and tell me about your creep! And thanks to all who’ve entered so far… your stories are better than fiction, my friends.

Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello in THE DEPARTED. One of my favorite villains from one of my favorite movies.