Jennifer Hillier

I’m anti-Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2011 | Uncategorized

Please don’t be mad at me.  I’m just not a fan.  This should not surprise you.  I’m not a gooey girl.  I’m not overly sentimental.  I don’t cry easily and I don’t automatically think that all puppies and kittens are cute (though if it’s you showing off your new puppy or kitten, of course I’ll tell you how adorable it is, even if it pees on my new shoes).   

But I do believe in love, and the power of love, and the wonderfulness that is romance (dude, I’m not dead inside).  Which is why I strongly dislike Valentine’s Day – it’s cheesy and clichéd, an overly commercialized “event” designed to make single people feel like crap, and people in relationships feel pressured.

Every year, as February 14 approaches, I watch as my married and attached friends go a little bit nuts, trying to think up some way to show their significant others how much they love them.  I watch as my single friends cringe and shrink, waiting for the day to pass as quickly as possible.

My thoughts?

  • We should eat chocolate every day.  Heart-shaped or otherwise. 
  • Cards that say something sweet are welcome anytime. 
  • Teddy bears and other fuzzy stuffed animals are cute all year round.
  • Homemade meals are always a hit, so please don’t save your culinary magic for V-Day.
  • I don’t need an excuse to buy new lingerie.  (That’s all I’m gonna say about this one.)
  • Anybody can be your Valentine, not just your significant other.  Are you fortunate like me to have really good friends you adore?  Don’t forget to tell them, and tell them often.
  • Romance takes skill.  Ergo, practice it all year round if you want to be good at it.

What about you?  Yay or nay to Valentine’s Day?