Jennifer Hillier

How did you get here?

Jan 13, 2011 | Uncategorized

I got this wonderful idea from Colene Murphy‘s post last Friday.  I’ve always wondered how new people find my blog.  And what d’ya know, Google Analytics (which I set up on my account ages ago) can tell me exactly what people typed into their search engines to get to me.  (I forgot I could do this.  I never check my stats.)

It seems most of my random traffic comes from people Googling my name (there are several Jennifer Hilliers I know of), or Googling Simon & Schuster (but interestingly, not my imprint, Gallery Books), or Googling my agent’s name.

But mixed in with the obvious is the unexpected, so without further ado, may I present a list of The Most Interesting Keywords/Phrases That Might Have Led You To My Blog:

10.  “top ten biggest fears” 
Yikes.  Do I talk about fear a lot? 

9.  “just kill me”
I feel you, buddy.  You must be a writer in Query Hell or on submission, or just totally hating your WIP.

8.  “leather pants”
Whatever you were searching for, I’m sure it wasn’t my discovery that cameltoe is one word.

7.  “pet peeves”
Um, so, yeah.  Guess I do have a lot of pet peeves.  Listed here, here, and here

6.  “the monster you should smell like”
You would have found this post where Grover mimics the Old Spice Guy. I heart Grover!  And I heart the Old Spice Guy!

5.  “things that bug me about bloggers”
Dude.  That’s mean.  Bloggers are lovely people.  Usually.

4.  “how about a little nookie?”
So?  How about it?
Kidding.  Though I’m sure you were disappointed when you clicked on this really old post only to find me pondering a purchase of a Barnes & Noble Nook.  BORING.

3.  “art of compartmentalizing”
Ah, this post.  Can’t remember what I was bitching about, but I’m still working on that whole compartmentalization thing.

2.  “porno jenny”
Um, nobody’s supposed to know about my nickname.

1.  “what stage is after the first draft?”
I’m so glad you Googled this, because it’s a little-known secret that what comes after the first draft is the FOURTH draft.  There is no second or third.  Yes, it’s just as you suspected!

Do you know how people find you?