Jennifer Hillier

Coffee is the devil

Jan 20, 2011 | Uncategorized

I just had my first cup of coffee in almost two months.  OHMYGOD was it ever good.

I’ve been trying really hard to cut the crap from my diet.  It really isn’t a New Year’s Resolution, since I started doing this in November, and for the most part I’ve managed to eliminate all forms of junk food (chocolate is NOT a junk food, by the way).  In between my vacation to Mexico and my Christmas holidays in Toronto last month, I went on a very strict detox, and while it was hell (a two-week hell that I would never wish on anyone), I came out with a much clearer head, softer skin, and a few less pounds.  Best part of all, my cravings – even for chocolate, which (did I already mention this?) is NOT a junk food – were eliminated.

BUT!  And there is a but.  I miss coffee.  I don’t crave coffee, but I miss the taste and I miss the warmth and I miss all the creamery goodness (I don’t drink it black) because I used to always drink it WHILE WRITING.  And now that I’m back to work on my book, it’s hard to be tapping away at the keyboard only to reach for the mug of coffee that no longer sits on my desk.

I switched to green tea.  But it’s So Not The Same Thing.  And the writing has pretty much been a struggle since the new year.

So today, I indulged and had a cup of coffee.  And had the BEST writing session I’ve had in a long time.  *sigh*  Knew that would happen.

What about you?  What do you need to fuel your writing?