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Top Ten Tuesday: A love letter to my Kindle

Sep 14, 2010 | Uncategorized

My dearest Kindle,

We only met three days ago.  You arrived in a nondescript cardboard box that was light as a feather.  I brought you home from the mailbox, eager to meet you.  After all, you were on backorder and I’d been waiting three whole weeks for you to arrive.  Ripping open your box was an exciting moment, and when I saw you for the first the time, you took my breath away.

Um, okay.  That’s a lie.  Truth be told, there’s nothing that interesting about the way you look AT ALL.

But don’t be sad, looks aren’t everything.  You’re still a cool little dude and it’s been wonderful getting to know you.  In the past three days, you’ve made me laugh, you’ve given me chills, and you’ve made my heart race.  So I might already have serious feelings for you.  And I’d like to share with you ten reasons why I think you might just be The One:

10.  You weigh nothing. 

9.  You “turn” the page faster than I could.

8.  When my eyes got tired last night, you let me make your font bigger.

7.  You displayed my own manuscript – originally written on Word – just like a real e-book.

6.  When my eyes got really tired, you read out loud to me.  (So what if your voice is a little robotic and you don’t always pronounce the words right?) 

5.  You allowed me to download samples of books I’m interested in for free. 

4.  When I switched you back on this morning, you remembered exactly what page I was on the night before.

3.  You charged me a little bit less for books than the brick and mortar stores do.

2.  You took less than 60 seconds to download the books I bought.

1.  What you lack in color and style, you more than make up for in functionality.

So guess what?  I’m keeping you.  Welcome to the family!

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