Jennifer Hillier

Spurts of excitement and long periods of nothing

Sep 13, 2010 | Uncategorized

That pretty much sums up the publishing game, at least in my experience.  Things can be vewwy vewwy quiet, as my old rabbit-hunter friend Elmer Fudd used to say… and then BAM!  Something totally exciting happens.

After a vewwy quiet July and August, I had a busy second week of September launching Killer Chicks with JB and Joann.  It’s not as simple as you might think to launch a new site as a trio.  It involves a lot of conversation, flurries of email exchanges, conceptualizing, brainstorming, and discussions about branding, marketing, and promotion.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s FUN AS HELL.  But it’s work, too.  Just ask the lovely Joann, our multi-media guru, who created our blog trailer (and if you haven’t watched it yet, shame on you!  It rocks!).

Since the summer ended, I’ve also been writing the shit out of my current book.  The endeavor of writing a first draft always keeps me firmly rooted at the intersection of “I love my job!” and “Novel-writing is crazy!  What the hell am I doing?!”, a special kind of insanity I’m sure all writers feel from time to time (at least I hope so – please God don’t let me be the only one).  And right when I thought I had survived the week and had nothing to look forward to but hours of U.S. Open tennis, I get a BAM! right in my inbox.

My contract from Gallery finally arrived.  All eighteen pages of it.  I’m looking at it right now.  Here it is, folks, in black and white – actual PROOF that I am a writer.

So tell me.  What phase are you in?  Spurt of excitement, or long period of nothing?

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