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My favorite TV shows

Sep 21, 2010 | Uncategorized

Happy Top 10 Tuesday!  I stole this from Jennie Bailey‘s blog.  Here are my top 10 favorite TV shows of all time (some are still on the air, and some are long gone to TV heaven):

10.  Young & the Restless

Yes, I know.  This is nothing to be proud of.  But addiction is a disease.  I’ve been watching since I was 9 years old and I’ll probably keep watching until the show goes off the air.

9.  Sons of Anarchy
An edgy, unapologetic look at life in a motorcycle club.  Sex, violence, drugs, guns, and bikes.  Add to that Stephen King’s guest appearance sometime this season, and it’s just about perfect.

8.  Without a Trace
An FBI team specializing in missing persons, headed by a hotheaded supervisor, solves cases in New York City.  I miss this show.  It was comfort food.  R.I.P.

7.  Grey’s Anatomy
This alternates between gritty medical drama and soap opera, but I kind of think that’s part of the appeal.  Ladies, make your choice:  McDreamy, McSteamy, or McKidd?  Or all three in a McAwesome McSandwich?  Oh, and there are interesting surgeries too.

6.  Criminal Minds
My blog is called The Serial Killer Files and this show is about FBI profiling and serial killers.  Need I say more?  Though I will say the show is missing a little something without the very intuitive Gideon.

5.  House
Super genius, super grumpy, super doctor.  Dr. Gregory House is a diagnostician, and it’s positively gleeful to watch him berate his team into figuring out what strange disease the patient is suffering from.  Looking forward to seeing how his budding romance with Cuddy goes this season.

4.  Roseanne
There’s only one comedy on here and it’s ROSEANNE?  What can I say, the show was relatable for me (okay, maybe not the white trash part).  But their house was messy, they struggled financially, their issues were real, and they didn’t look Barbie-perfect.  Not to mention, it was hella funny.  R.I.P.

3.  Law & Order and Law & Order SVU
Never thought I’d see the day when they’d cancel the original version of this show.  My favorite seasons were the ones with Logan & Briscoe (Chris Noth and the late Jerry Orbach).  R.I.P.  Thankfully I have SVU to keep me going.  Admist all the icky grit of solving sex crimes, we have the sizzling chemistry between Benson and Stabler.

2.  True Blood
Vampires, were-creatures and faeries, oh my!  You either love this show or don’t get the hype.  I love this show.  It’s bloody and funny and surprising.  Can’t wait for next season.

1.  Dexter
No surprise here.  A serial killer who only kills other serial killers?  Genius!

Honorable mention goes to: Big Love
This didn’t make my top ten list because last season was CRAP.  I’m really hoping the show will redeem itself this year, because the hook is irresistible:  Bill Henrickson is a polygamist.  He has three wives.  What else but chaos could possibly ensue? 

What are your favorite TV shows?

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