Jennifer Hillier

Ten things I don’t care about

Aug 24, 2010 | Uncategorized

Saw a great list on Hey, There’s a Dead Guy in the Living Room last week, and thought I’d follow suit.

Here are 10 things I couldn’t give a crap about:

10.  Tiger Woods (his game, or his personal life)

9.  Baseball (sorry, Steve)

8.  Snooki

7.  The lost sheep/pig/goat you found wandering in Farmville

6.  Who’ll be the next judge on American Idol

5.  Pre-season football

4.  Whatever it is you’re trying to sell me over the phone

3.  The Real Housewives of Any County

2.  Lindsay Lohan

1.  The re-release of Avatar with nine additional minutes of footage (the 47 million minutes of movie I watched the first time around was plenty, thank you)

What are some of the things YOU couldn’t care less about?