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Mushroom foam

Jul 6, 2010 | Uncategorized

Steve and I spent all day painting.  All.  Day.  My wrists and shoulders are throbbing, and I think the fingers of my right hand are slightly numb.  But it was so worth it, because the walls of my new LIBRARY (yes, library… that’s what I’ve decided to call it in lieu of OFFICE, which is so generic and not at all befitting of the wonderful storytelling room it’s about to be) are fabulous.  The color is called “Mocha Accent”, and the shade reminds me of mushroom foam.

Yes, mushroom foam.  The last couple of times Steve and I were in Cabo with friends, we stayed at a resort that served steak with a side of mushroom foam.  It was a peculiar looking food – it sort of looked like a dollop of whipped cream that was tinted a warm, rich, brownish gray.  I myself liked it.  Steve did not.  He took offense to both the color and the texture (I suppose foam foods are not for everyone.)  But in any case, mushroom foam looks great on the walls!

To save money, we also decided to paint my old bookcases white to match the new bookcases I just bought.  Yeah.  Bookcase painting = pain in the ass = don’t do it if you’re not prepared to be painting All Day.  It took about six hours to apply two coats (not including the drying time in between), and right now they’re in the garage to dry and cure completely.  I’m a little worried.  Despite the fact that we prepped well, the paint doesn’t appear to be adhering well.  In fact, I ran my nail lightly over the surface after the first coat dried, and the paint scratched right off.  Not good.  We’ll know tomorrow whether our attempt to makeover these bookcases was worth it.

Meanwhile, I have piles of books stacked up in the upstairs hallway.  It took me about thirty minutes to unload them from the shelves and it will probably take three hours to put them all back in again.  Fun fun fun!

ETA:  I forgot that today’s post should have been a Top Ten Tuesday.  Today felt like a Sunday since Steve had the day off!  Will post a top ten list tomorrow… assuming I can think of one.