Jennifer Hillier

Top Ten Pet Peeves

Jun 11, 2010 | Uncategorized

10.  Magazine inserts.  It aggravates me when I open up a new magazine and three or four sharp squares of cardboard fall out.  I don’t need sharp cardboard to tell me how cheap it is to subscribe.  I already subscribe.  That’s why I’m reading the magazine.

9.  Telemarketers I hang up on who call back the very next day.  I told a lady yesterday that I wasn’t interested in upgrading my Dell computer’s warranty.  Didn’t matter.  Someone from that department called me again this morning.  At 9 am.   I’m a night owl—calling too early is really not the way to win my heart.
8.  people who dont use any punctuation whatsoever in their messages even if theyre writing on your facebook wall or commenting on photos messages should still have periods commas and apostrophes because not having them makes them really difficult to understand and if you write this way all the time how the hell are you able switch back to proper grammatical sentences for school or work

7.  YouTube videos that pause frequently for “buffering”.  Even with my super-fast wireless card and my lightning-speed wireless router and my Speedy Gonzales internet connection, this still happens.  No entiendo!  I am stumped.

6.  People who tell the same jokes over and over and over again.  Not naming names, but I know somebody who’s guilty of this.  I don’t care how funny it was the first time, by the tenth time I’m gritting my teeth.  For the sake of my molars, please find some new material.
5.  Cat barf.  Especially cat barf I didn’t notice until I stepped on it.
4.  TV commercial that are ten times louder than the program I’m watching.  Do advertisers really expect we’ll watch the commercial if it’s ear-splitting?  Thank God for DVRs and the fast-forward button.

3.  Having important conversations via text or email.  Have something earth-shattering to tell me? CALL. Your message will much more impactful without all the typos.
2.  Eating the last chocolate in the box without realizing it was the last chocolate, then reaching for the box only to find it empty.  It is imperative that I be psychologically prepared for my snacking experience to be over.  Otherwise, I’m left feeling very unsatisfied, regardless of how many chocolates I’ve eaten.

1.  Toilet paper that comes out under the roll.  Folks, toilet paper should always be over the roll.   Don’t ask me why over is right—it just is, and it’s not up for debate.  It will literally ruin my bathroom experience if the roll is wrong.
What are your pet peeves?