Jennifer Hillier

Resurrection on rainy days

Jun 10, 2010 | Uncategorized

It thunderstormed all afternoon on Wednesday, which made for a great writing session.  What is it about the clap of thunder and the pelting of rain against the windows that puts me in a creative mood?

I’ve started my WIP over again.  Never an easy thing to do, but it’s better than telling the wrong story.   In my first attempt, I had too many characters fighting for a starring role, and I think the reason the book started to fizzle is because I was losing my sense of direction.

This WIP is sort of a sequel to Creep… I say sort of, because while the protagonist is new, the plot could be considered a continuation of the story in Creep.  Confused?  That’s okay.  It’s too early to say much about it, anyway.  My vision for this book is that it will totally stand alone, but I like to imagine that Creep readers could have a more enriched experience having read Creep before reading this one.

Assuming either ever gets published, of course.  Ha.

As I write this new (and hopefully better) version, I’m picking out scenes from the first attempt and weaving them in.  I hate to waste anything, and it’s amazing how much of the old version actually works, even with the new direction.  Some scenes simply needed a POV change.  I’ve even brought back a character in an old draft of Creep who was in a subplot that got cut completely.  Resurrection!  She is risen!

See, this is why I never delete anything.  You never know what can be used later, some place else, for some other purpose.