Jennifer Hillier

Addendum to Top Ten Pet Peeves post

Jun 11, 2010 | Uncategorized

New #1 Pet Peeve:
A blogger who changes the layout, colors, and graphics of her blog three times in one week, causing surprise and dismay to many of her blog readers who, frankly, do not understand why the blog keeps changing.

In defense of this pathetically indecisive blogger, may we kindly remind readers that it is not so easy to design a website when one possesses almost zero web design skills, and when something one thought looked nice and professional last week suddenly seems amateurish and cartoony a few days later.

This blogger was given no warning that her host site was about to upload a whole slew of new templates which did not exist last weekend when she was struggling to give her blog a makeover. Had made these awesome new templates available last week, this poor, struggling blogger would not have changed her layout, colors, and graphics three times. This blogger would have changed it only once, and gotten it right the first time.

So in order not to hurt this blogger’s feelings, we kindly request that you do not make fun of her multiple attempts to get her website to look exactly right. Someday you may find yourself in a position to have a blog or website of your own, and you may struggle with it, too. We request that if you absolutely must make fun of her, you do it behind her back, so that she may continue to live in blissful ignorance of how idiotic it really is to change a blog three times in one week.

Thank you.