Jennifer Hillier

Clash of the Titans

Apr 9, 2010 | Uncategorized

We saw Clash of the Titans the other night, in 3D.

It was just okay.

First of all, I’m not crazy about wearing those 3D glasses.  They’re tinted, and the screen looked so much dimmer.  Plus every time Steve and I looked at each other we giggled, because we looked goofy, which ended up minimizing the intensity of the movie-going experience.

Second, it cost an extra $4 per person to watch the movie in 3D.  And, ultimately, there was no special reason to watch the movie in 3D.  So big deal, the credits moved towards you.  A few flying objects came your way.  I would have rather watched the movie in regular 2D, saved the money, saved the weirdly tinted glasses, and probably enjoyed it a lot more.

Third, the movie was meh.  It was perhaps slightly worse than what I expected.  The story got lost in all the CGI effects and I found myself yawning about a third of the way into it. Liam Neeson as Zeus was under utilized.  Sam Worthington, while pretty to look at, did a passable job playing the clichéd “reluctant hero” character that was Perseus, but I still didn’t find myself caring too much about whether he lived or died.  I did like his Pegasus (who doesn’t like a horse with wings?), and the three blind witches, and the scenes with Medusa and the Kraken.

But I thought the ending was cheesy (not the climax, the ending).

We don’t go to the movies so much anymore.  It’s becoming less worth the effort, I’m sad to say.  We have a pretty big flat screen at home, and movies are coming out in DVD a lot quicker than they used to.  Plus I can make better popcorn for about a tenth the price, and a movie rental costs $5 (whereas two movie tickets costs us $20… or $28 if it’s in 3D).  At home, I can go pee without missing anything.  And I can talk to Steve without bothering anyone.

And at home, nobody kicks the back of my chair.  I HATE IT when somebody kicks the back of my chair.  It fills me with blind rage and murderous thoughts.  Seriously.

So tell me, what’s the incentive to see a movie on the big screen these days?