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The best blog posts are the ones I didn’t write

Apr 5, 2010 | Uncategorized

My cousin sent me this message the other day… hope he doesn’t mind that I posted it here.  It made me smile.

i have an idea for a book that i’d like to write and i’d appreciate your opinion on it. it’s a whimsical tale about a writer and her adventures on the way to getting her first book published. along the way, while learning about the harsh world of novel publication, she doesn’t realize it, but she’s actually learning more about herself, her friends and family and what’s really important in life. what that is, i don’t know yet. i think i’ll read some of the dalai lama’s books and rip off some ideas for this non-fiction, pop-spritual rag that i’ll disguise as sacchrine-sweet, meg ryan-esque/julie & julia-esque, non-fiction.

in my process, i’d like to use your wonderful blogs as a basis for the little twists and turns that i’ll have my protagonist experience. i figure, if i can scoop some of your writings there, the book is practically half-done already! then, i’ll just need to learn how to write a novel, then find the time to write, then re-vise, then find an agent, then…. *sigh*

nevermind. someone else has probably already written that story. oh, wait…. *lightbulb*

Thanks, Wingo.

Sometimes it takes somebody else’s take on your life to make you see your life clearly. Since I began this journey, I’ve been living in a bubble, and every once in a while, I peek out and realize how different everything is.

But it’s not the world that’s changed.  It’s me.  I don’t know how this story ends, but there’s no question how far I’ve come.  And isn’t that the point of a good story?  To have the protagonist end up in a different place (geographically, emotionally, spiritually) than where she started?  My life is so different than it was three years ago when we were living in Ontario.

Even if this story doesn’t end the way I hope it will, every step, every stumble, has been worth it.   So here’s to rainy afternoons spent writing, risky choices, and falling flat on your face for the whole world to see!

I promise to smile the entire time.