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Year of the Tiger

Feb 12, 2010 | Uncategorized

According to Chinese astrology, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger.
I’m a Tiger.
I’m also a Leo.  And a cat person.   (No surprise there.)
I’ve been trolling the internet to find a decent horoscope for tigers this year, but most of what I find seems to have been written by high school students with no concept of grammar or punctuation.   Since I don’t like posting things on my blog that are purposely grammar-deficient (this doesn’t include my typos, which are mistakes, or the liberties I sometimes take with my own conversational writing style), here’s one of the more reasonably understandable predictions I came across for 2010:
For their own year, the Tigers will face a surprisingly average year with little ups and downs.  While everything will be at your advantage this year, you will find it terribly difficult to find the encouragement and willpower to perform at your very best.  Find the encouragement within yourself or you might be faced with plenty of disappointments. 2010 will provide a healthy backdrop for you, for those suffering digestive problems; you will most likely find that situations for you will improve.
What the hell?!  You would think that the Year of the Tiger would be great for tigers.   It’s only fair, right?  It only comes around once every 12 years, and this should be our year to shine. At the very least, we tigers deserve to have amazing things happen during our year.  This horoscope doesn’t scream “Amazing!” to me.  If anything, it whispers “Psst… boring.”
And I refuse for this year to be average.  Hmph.  Now I’m all irritated.
Anyway, just for fun I’ve posted the predictions for all the animals below.  What animal are you?  Leave me a comment and let me know, so I can commiserate with you if your prediction sucks, too.
If you’re not sure what animal you are, figure it out here:
(I got that from Mandarin Buffet’s website, so if it’s wrong, blame them!  Ha!  God, I miss Mandarin.)
The Rat
For those born in the Year of the Rat, year 2010 promises to be an average year for you, while you may suffer from melancholy from time to time, the positioning of the planets in 2010 will benefit the rats and they will most definitely be more self-confident, and be more innovative than before.  Excellent news for the lonely rats, year 2010 promises a great love life for you.  You will definitely find a lover within the year, and for the ones that are blissfully married, the year will be filled with romantic joy.  Time to rejoice in the warmth of love, rats!
The Ox
You should be aware of some conflicts that might happen in the coming year, particularly with the dragons and horses.  To avoid these conflicts, remember to keep an open mind and to not judge others without any basis.  This year is a good year for you to learn a new language, so, if you have always wanted to pick up a new language before traveling, 2010 would definitely be the best year.  Career-wise, those born in the year of the Ox should be aware that in 2010, your working attitude will be slightly lackadaisical and without much buoyed enthusiasm, put in effort to change the attitude.
The Rabbit
Unfortunately for the Rabbits, 2010 will possibly be a bad year for those who were born in the year of the Rabbit.  You will have to work hard to achieve some good in terms of your career, health and love life.  Rabbits should look towards philosophy and religion to find some good in the upcoming year.  Be prudent, thrifty and stay on the lookout for signs of a business scam, your finances could prove to be a problem this upcoming year.
The Dragon
For those born in the year of the Dragon, it is time for you to apply into some form of school or undertake some courses!  Studying in the upcoming year will bring you a considerable amount of success.  While you might find yourself getting into some minor conflicts, it is essential for you to stay positive.  Your ability to stay positive will lead to a happier and more successful year ahead.  It might also be a rocky year ahead for you if you are in a relationship, remember, stay positive and lend a listening ear and you will stay happy.
The Snake
Those born in the year of the Snake are known to be very stubborn.  Keep your stubbornness in check; learn to control it and you will find many successes coming towards you in the upcoming year.  While it is important to have dreams, try to keep a level-headed mind for the upcoming year or you might end up straying away from reality.  Once you’ve kept a level-headed mind, you will find yourself in favorable opportunities in your career, make sure you grab them!
The Horse
Good news for the horses! Year 2010 might be one of the smoothest years for you.  You will find bonds between your friends and relatives being built fairly easily.  Keep a clear head when making decisions for you will find that plenty of decisions may sound familiar to one another but with very different outcomes.  You may also tend to overfeed yourself in the upcoming year so be sure to keep on a healthy diet and exercise regularly.
The Goat
Those born in the year of the Goat will find plenty of wealth opportunities coming their way in 2010.  You may end up passing up on a lot of them and making several bad decisions early on in the trimester but it is crucial for you to stay positive and not be disheartened by your losses for more opportunities will be coming for you later in the year.  Stay on your feet, be in the company of your loved ones and develop more personal relationships and you will find that the upcoming year might just be your best year yet.
The Monkey
It is essential for the monkey to not be overly emotional in 2010.  You will find that not everything will go your way initially.  While you might lose some close friends, you have to maintain mental stability to save the broken pieces of the relationship.  However, 2010 will provide business opportunities for you.  It is the year for you to take risks.  Take the risks and you will be rewarded tremendously.  Do not rest on your laurels and expect things to happen!
The Rooster
2010 will be a year of competition for those born in the year of the Rooster.  In your career, you will face plenty of competition to get up onto a higher rung of the ladder in your company.  If you are unattached, you will find competition for someone that you are interested in.  Make well-thought out decisions and do not make rash decision.  Adopt a positive and hardworking attitude and 2010 might just be a good year for you.
The Dog
There will be ups and downs for the dog in the year 2010.  In your career, your lack of respect towards authority might prove to be a downfall for you.  Your quest for independence will lead to you having some problems in your love life as well.  It is ultimately crucial for you to tone down your brash attitude to find some good in the upcoming year or 2010 will prove to be a year of loneliness for you.  Stay friendly!
The Pig
Known to be sentimental creatures, you have to learn to put off your sentimental ways to find some unexpected successes in your line of work and your love life for 2010.  The alignment of the stars will bring you utmost luck for the coming year so expect some monetary windfall coming your way.  It is important for you to stay away from carbonated drinks in the upcoming year for you will be vulnerable and open to intestinal and digestive problems.  However, besides that, 2010 might prove to be a healthy year ahead for you.