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May I have your attention, please.

Oct 24, 2009 | Uncategorized

Apparently there are a lot of things I could do to try and publicize this blog, but I don’t want to.  If a perfect stranger comes across my blog (which happens once in a blue moon), that’s cool, but the only folks I desire to keep informed of my writing trials and tribulations are my family and friends.
In other words, YOU.
(And if you’re on my Facebook but we’ve never met in real life, then you still fall into the Friend category. Deal with it.)
So I’m pretty sure you guys are reading, but if it’s not too much trouble, would you post a comment so I know you stopped by?  Comments inspire me! Comments let me know that I didn’t spend an hour writing on my pretty little blog, complete with girly butterfly picture, for nothing.  I know some of you non-writers mentioned feeling intimidated by the writers who post witty comments here, but seriously, we writers don’t care.  If you make a typo or grammatical error in your comment, we don’t – and won’t – judge you.  (At least not to your face. Possibly behind your back.)
I kid, I kid.  There is no judgment here.  I’m the one striving for fame and fortune (or at the very least, a small advance from a reputable publisher, and a book jacket cover that doesn’t look cheesy).  The only person who gets darts thrown at her on this blog is ME.
I would just like to know who’s poking around here.  And yeah, I’m gonna call you Top Lurkers out.  We’ve known each other a long time, people.  You are part of my inner circle.  You don’t start commenting, I’m gonna start dishing secrets right here.  And save the juiciest ones for my next book.
By the way, if you don’t recognize yourself in the list below and you’re reading this blog post right now, you get a gold star.  (Metaphorically speaking, of course. Gold stars have gone up in price this year and we’re still in recession.)  Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming. It means a lot.
Otherwise, may I present…
The guy who sleeps next to me (most nights, anyway), who missed BOTH anniversaries this week.  (You might not think you’re in the doghouse, but you are, even after our fabulous high-class dinner at WD.)

The girl who shopped my ass off last week and encouraged me to buy everything from Lulus to knee high boots to a sweater dress.  (Okay, admittedly, this one’s flimsy, since I now look fabulous.)

The girl who went on a really bad date the other night with Torpedo Tongue Guy, who made me call her to fake a family emergency so she could get away.  (All right, this one’s a little flimsy, too, since I really enjoyed making that call and have tighter abs now from all the hysterical laughing.)

The woman whose Siamese cat weighs an unbelievable 20 pounds, who really came to visit my kittens last month, and not me.  (The kittens do not miss you. I swear they don’t.)

You know who you are.
And yep, I’m calling you out.  Because as any blogger knows, it’s LONELY to post if nobody comments, and your comments would be especially welcome. I would love to know you’re reading, even if all you do is say hi.
I couldn’t – and wouldn’t – do this crazy thing without you. And you know damn well I’m not talking about the blog.
Love you guys.
P.S.  You don’t need a Google account to post a comment. Select “Anonymous”.  Just be sure to leave your name (or secret nickname, if I gave you one).  Mom, if you need technical support, you have a trained computer tech expert living in your basement.  Or, Tim will help.  (Oh, oops, did I just say Mom? Readers, she’s not the one who went out with Torpedo Tongue guy.  That would be gross… awww man, I’m now getting a visual I soooo didn’t want!)

P.P.S.  If you guys don’t start commenting and I find out you were reading, consider yourself warned.  I got dirt on all of you. Insert evil laugh here.