Jennifer Hillier

We are family

May 26, 2009 | Uncategorized

A dear family member passed away last night and I’ll be flying home to Toronto this Thursday.  I actually had the trip planned in advance, but changed my flight to extend my visit in light of what’s happened.  So there may be sporadic blog posting over the next couple of weeks.

I realized today how much I miss my family.   Life in Seattle is great, but I doubt it’ll ever truly feel like home.   My heart’s in Toronto, and I want to make the most of my time there since I only visit twice a year.  All writing is officially on pause from May 28th until I get back on June 6th.  If I write during that time, then great, but if I don’t, who gives a shit.

See, I’m doing much better with prioritizing.

I do have some writing news to share (no, I’m not getting published), but I’ll save it for another time when my energy level is better and I can give it the proper excitement it deserves.